Guild Ball: Masons Full color Tokens

  • Guild Ball:  Masons Full color Tokens


Guildball Season 3 is about to Kickoff and with that Muse on Minis is launching our new officially licensed Guildball Tokens. These Vibrant, 2 sided durable tokens and Neoprene Area of Effect markers will look great on any pitch.  

Super Shot
Close Control Used
Weak Point x2
Quick Time
Superior Strategy
Poised Used
Topping Out x6
Singled Out
Smashed Shins x2
Defend the Ground 3” AoE
Protect Those Close
Feel My Pain
Punishing March x2
Iron Fist x2
Ball Hog x2
Hammer Time!
Marked Target
Smelling Salts 3” AoE 

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